about SlumStudio

The Slum Studio is a Ghanaian based multifaceted brand, a platform and creative community which is inteested in the politics of clothing and wear. Through art and photo documentary we use abstract expressionism to a visual dialogue surrounding second hand clothing redistribution. Through this we are process and produce hand painted apparel upcycled from discarded second hand clothing waste and textile off cuts exported in Ghana. We aim at fusing art and fashion to play off in a healthy creative relationship with one another; taking references from rich and well documented practices in different cultures. 

The Slum Studio is fascinated by clothing as a second skin, shelter and an essential tool for bringing realism to creativity and production.

In regenerative fashion, we refer to a sustainable contribution and changes in garment processing and production upon a desire to upcycle and use more biodegradable materials to enhance a circular economy. Through this we adopt a completely different way of putting out a genuine concept of art focused on conceptual creativity. 

Our means of production represents conscious efforts by a responsible supply chain run through some of the most effective and efficient ways possible. This includes adequate research work and activities which cover everything from product development, sourcing, production, and logistics needed to coordinate these activities. We rely on traditional and modern forms of textile reproduction and commercial distribution to produce a transformed new piece of apparel which does not only serve as an a wear but an artwork as well. In this we create a new relationship between these two worlds growing closer and more intense with exchanges that are no longer limited to illustrating.

Looking at how overconsumption and mass production impacts fashion evolution in today's world, we take a careful look at our means of production; this as a result is deeply centered in a careful sourcing of cotton fabrics through the landscape of the secondhand clothing business in Ghana and neighboring countries.

The Slum Studio analyses the forms of dialogue between spaces, reciprocal inspirations, collaborations and as a process visually repurpose's and give old fabrics a whole new life and meaning with natural pigments and fabric paints

We strongly position oursleves in the most current labor standards in the ready-made garment industry in the world and decides to defy the norms by creating completely new standards of ethical fashion, with fair trade and less negative environmental impact.

Our mission is not only to produce bright and colorful apparel but also experiment, document the process and tell a story. Who is involved in doing what, the implementations and standard requirements that run through the numerous supply chain for both environmental and human labor conditions in both the second hand clothing and textile production industries, and how it affect social and economic structure of people involved.

The Slum Studio is a contributing element in sustainable development, in so doing we actively cooperate with relevant stakeholders to explore the ideas and alternatives that creates better livelihoods of people who are involved. 

We welcome you to The Slum Studio. Be a part of our journey 

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